Our Chinese Desk 我們的中文服務部

Our Chinese Desk 我們的中文服務部

Accommodation assets are proving the ideal business investment for Chinese migrants to Australia. But matching their unique needs with the right business opportunities requires much more than a practiced sales spiel in Mandarin.


ResortBrokers leads the management rights and motel markets because we always provide the highest level of customer service and unrivalled market knowledge. We value honesty and integrity, and we work hardest to help build our clients’ prosperity.

As an integral part of this service, we offer the assistance of a dedicated Chinese Liaison Broker to advise and work with buyers and sellers from our Chinese community.

A new generation of Chinese migrants is using the wealth generated by their nation’s newly emerged free market economy to buy businesses in Australia. Lifestyle, education and opportunity are what it’s all about.

But it has not been uncommon in Australia for Chinese business buyers to be directed toward the predictable food or retail sectors, simply because some commercial agents see that as the easiest option.

understanding and reliable advice

Not so at ResortBrokers where our specialist Chinese Liaison Broker, Jane Fang, has made the transition herself and understands the challenges migrants can face. She knows what you need most is accurate, knowledgeable advice from a business broker who understands your culture and can effectively and honestly communicate vital information.

You also need to deal with a broker who understands and has experience of the business models we recommend.

Management rights, and increasingly motels, are ideal because they provide both a home and a business, fulfil vital permanent residency criteria for those who seek it, and are safe, profitable investments with a secure income and appealing lifestyle.


The combination of ResortBrokers’ experience, reputation and resources with Jane’s skills and cultural understanding delivers significant advantages. We can assist Chinese buyers with every aspect of the buying process, including providing helpful guides, such as Management Rights Made Easy, now available in Mandarin language.

And through this service, we can expose vendors’ listings to the valuable Chinese market and meet the demand for businesses for which these buyers are well suited and through which they will prosper.


Jane’s business experience, strong understanding of local business culture and operations, and her direct knowledge of Chinese practices and language ideally equip her to assist Asian buyers of successful management rights and motel businesses across Australia. She works hand in hand with our brokers nationwide to match buyers with their ideal properties and businesses wherever they are located.

“It is so important to find advisors you can trust. ResortBrokers is a very honest and trustworthy family-owned company. I enjoy working with them to ensure members of our Chinese community always receive outstanding advice on buying and selling opportunities in the lucrative accommodation sector.”

Jane Fang, Chinese Liaison Broker

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在澳洲物業市場上,旅遊觀光住宿業資產是華人移民理想的商業投資。但是, 要想將每位客戶獨特的需求與合適的商機相匹配, 不是經紀人會用中文推銷就能做到的。


ResortBrokers在物業管理權和旅遊觀光住宿業市場上處於領先地位, 這是因為我們始終提供最高水準的客戶服務和無與倫比的市場知識。 我們秉持商業誠信, 並盡最大努力幫助客戶創造財富。

為了更好地服務華人社區, 我們有專職中文經紀人,她與華人買家和賣家合作,盡心盡力幫助華人社區。

新一代中國移民利用中國新市場經濟所帶來的的財富來澳購置物業和生意。澳洲的生活方式、教育質量和各種機會吸引大量移民買家。但通常的情況是,中國的買家會被引導到食品或零售等傳統行業。原因很簡單, 就是一些經紀人認為這是最容易的選擇。在ResortBrokers, 我們並不這麽認為。


我們的專職中文經紀人方女士(Jane Fang)本人有來澳轉行經商的親身經歷, 所以她完全了解新移民可能面臨的挑戰。她深知新移民最需要的是一個理解他們的文化, 能夠為他們有效、誠實地傳達重要資訊的商業經紀人。Jane經驗豐富,對我們的業務模式了如指掌,她會為您提供準確的內行資訊和建議。

物業管理權,包括持續增長的旅遊觀光住宿業,是理想的商機。這既為您提供了住房, 也提供了生意, 又可以滿足申請永久居留權所需的要求。投資物業管理權和旅遊觀光住宿業很安全且利潤不菲, 您的收入有保障, 生活也安逸。


ResortBrokers的經驗、聲譽、資源,中文經紀人Jane的能力和她對中澳文化的深刻了解,這些因素相結合, 為我們客戶提供了顯著的優勢。我們協助中國買家走過購置程序的每一步, 包括提供實用指南, 如《輕松了解管理權》, 現提供中文版本。

通過這些服務, 我們將新商機隨時公布給重要的中國市場,滿足相應買家的生意需求。這些商機和業務定會給買家帶來財富。


Jane移民澳洲三十年,經驗豐富, 熟諳當地商業文化和運營, 並且直接了解中國語言和習俗, 她能夠協助全澳各地的華人買家,幫助他們成功買到適合投資的物業和生意。Jane與我們在全國各地的經紀人攜手合作, 將各地的買家與他們理想的生意相匹配。

"找到得信賴的中介非常重要。ResortBrokers是一家非常誠實和得信賴的家族企業。 我很高興能與他們合作, 確保我們華人社區在利潤豐厚的物業管理權和旅遊觀光住宿業交易中,得到最好的諮詢和協助。”  

Jane Fang,  ResortBrokers中文聯絡經紀人

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