Steve and Ros Russell

It is an honour and a pleasure to refer Nathan Eades of Resort Brokers to you. Nathan is and was an excellent agent for us. During a very complex and stressful sale, we had to navigate through a minefield of issues. Nathan was on hand to take the helm at every step, with Nathan on your team you have experience, patience and compassion in droves. Nathan knows his job and management rights intimately, he understands the problems with which you might have to contend. Nathan anticipates and prepares for all contingencies – a valuable skill and asset to the process. We could not recommend Nathan more highly. We look forward to downing a beer and champagne with him upon the settlement of our sale and would hope that the friendship is maintained in our retirement future - on our deck and on the bike track at our doorstep. We are happy to discuss the sale process and our reference for Nathan.

Steve and Ros Russell, Vendors
Sylvan Grove Apartments

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