Vendor Will Trade Property and Will Consider Vendor Finance

On offer is the leasehold opportunity is the 35 year term of a tourism and hospitality complex motel accommodation hotel & Smileys Cafe's all in a one pub town. Product, Profit & Potential Outback Queensland is seeing substantial growth in Grey Nomad Tourism, this property is showing an annual growth in revenue of around 20% and all forecasts suggest this will continue .The hard work has been done with getting the property up to a high standard, expanding the number of accommodation units, establishing the Cafe, Bottle shop and now the Gift Shop, modernizing the Bar and Dining room to create the right atmosphere.

  • 21 self-contained ensuite accommodation units, catering from 1 to 8 people
  • 7 hotel rooms, with shared facilities
  •  Free overnight parking for RV’s, both on site and across the road
  • Café, Gift Shop, Bar, Bottle Shop and Reception all in one location
  •  2 managers units, 1 x 3 bed stand alone, 1x 2 bed in hotel
  • One Pub Town - perfect 
  • Vendor will trade property and will consider vendor finance

NB: Property inspections are by appointment only