Huge Holding Income - Future Develop, Renovate or Land Bank opportunity

ResortBrokers is pleased to present a prime property with significant potential for land banking, development, or renovation.

Located on 4,541 square metres of land in the Emerging Communities zoning, this property offers a unique investment opportunity with holding income of up to $7,000 per day.

Moreover, the property's strategic location makes it an attractive prospect for potential development in preparation for the 2032 Olympics.

  • Strong Location: Strategically located in a high exposure rapidly developing area, with proximity to key amenities, transportation networks, and predominant infrastructure, this location offers excellent growth potential and profitability
  • Holding Income: Generating impressive holding income, the property averaged $4,500 daily in FY23. The current run rate is approx $6,000-$7,000 a day of income, with even stronger holding income anticipated over the next 12 months. Offsetting carrying costs and providing financial stability while planning for future development.
  • Emerging Communities Zoning: Zoned as “Emerging Communities,” signifies that the property is situated in an area with strong growth prospects. This zoning typically allows for various development options, subject to local regulations.
  • Development Potential: Given the Emerging Communities zoning, land size of 4,541m2 and the forthcoming 2032 Olympics, this property presents a unique opportunity for development. Potential uses could include residential developments, hotels, commercial spaces, or a combination thereof.
  • Current Business: 30 rooms currently 100% occupied seven days a week by various government, charity and health organisations, truck drivers, corporate clients, tradesmen and visitors.
  • Property Protection: Any damages to rooms whilst occupied are the responsibility of the booking organisation.  Whilst the property may eventually be redeveloped, this is an opportunity to have significant cash flow for the unforeseeable future.
  • Future Demand: With the 2032 Olympics on the horizon, there may be opportunities to renovate the property to cater to the influx of visitors and athletes. This could include upgrading accommodations, amenities, and facilities to meet the demand of this global event.
  • Land Banking Opportunity: Investors looking for long term gains may consider land banking. Holding onto this large land parcel in Brisbane city could result in significant appreciation over time.
  • Uncapped Future Potential: Options are endless for the future with significant holding income, various options available due to flexible zoning and development potential.
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