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If you are searching for a motel for sale, Resort Brokers has the highest quality listings. We have motels listed throughout Australia, including popular cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Motels in regional areas are also listed with Resort Brokers. Search through our current listings or contact us for more information.

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Leasehold, Motel | QLD - South | The BOOM Has Long Gone Back To Normal Trading
Ref: LH004325

Dalby, QLD

Motel - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $293,356

$985,000 + SAV

Well the BOOM is long gone and it's back to normal trading for one of the best leasehold motels in town. This 4 star industry...

Freehold Going Concern, Motel | NSW - Riverina | 4 Star CBD Motel With DA For Extra 34 Rooms
Ref: FH004324

Lismore, NSW

Motel - Freehold Going Concern

Nett Profit: $510,000


Newest 4 Star motel in Northern NSW and certainly the one with the most upside including international branding opportunity. Located in the thriving corporate city...

Freehold Going Concern, Motel | QLD - Sunshine Coast | This True Lifestyle Freehold Motel Is Positioned Perfectly
Ref: FH004323

Mooloolaba, QLD

Motel - Freehold Going Concern

Nett Profit: $128,000 Projected


It's all about position and this true lifestyle freehold motel is positioned perfectly. Located by the water and only 100m from Mooloolaba Harbour, you can...

Freehold Going Concern, Motel | NSW - South Coast | Compelling Investment Opportunity
Ref: FH004261

Bega, NSW

Motel - Freehold Going Concern

Nett Profit: $448,397


There are a range of properties on offer which will provide a good stable return on the investment. It is a rare however, that a...

Freehold Passive Investment, Motel | VIC - West | Rare Investment Opportunity
Ref: INV004319

Stawell, VIC

Motel - Freehold Passive Investment

Nett Profit: $74,687


The Hi-Way Eight Motor Inn is an excellent chance for investors to secure a solid investment in an iconic Victorian town. The motel has been...

Leasehold, Motel | VIC - West | Excellent Entry Level Leasehold Motel
Ref: LH004320

Stawell, VIC

Motel - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $74,687


The leasehold of the High Way Eight Motor Inn is a perfect opportunity for people looking to enter the motel industry. With 17 rooms of...

Leasehold, Apartment Hotels | WA - Perth | Leasehold Of An Outstanding Apartment Hotel Development In Fremantle.
Ref: LH004318

Fremantle, WA

Apartment Hotels - Leasehold


The Quest Fremantle business offers a unique opportunity to become associated with Australasia's most successful apartment hotel franchise system. The business consists of 122 keyed...

Freehold Going Concern, Motel | NSW - North Coast | Fantastic High Performing Freehold Motel In Ballina
Ref: FH004317

Ballina, NSW

Motel - Freehold Going Concern

Nett Profit: $222,619


Ballina, a city of 45,000 residents has recently re-branded itself as a bustling holiday town and service centre right on the beach. Located at the...

Leasehold, Caravan / Cabin Park | TAS - Hobart | Tasmania; Good As New And Great Returns
Ref: LH004308

Port Huon, TAS

Caravan / Cabin Park - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $119,280


Be part of the tourism explosion in Tasmania and reap the rewards of the hard work of the original developer of this terrific boutique business...

Freehold Passive Investment, Motel | TAS - West Coast | Passive Investment Showing 12% Return In Beautiful Tasmania
Ref: INV004304

Queenstown, TAS

Motel - Freehold Passive Investment

$1,500,000 (with 12% return)

If you live in Tasmania this is perfect for you, an investment property to be proud of. If you live on the mainland what better...

Leasehold, Motel | NSW - Murray | Iconic Outback Resort
Ref: LH004301

Arumpo, NSW

Motel - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $130,000


Located 110km North West of Mildura you will find this iconic outback resort right at the gateway to World Heritage listed Mungo Lake. The accommodation...

Leasehold, Apartment Hotels | VIC - Melbourne | Melbourne CBD Fringe, 28 Year Lease And Excellent ROI!
Ref: LH004297

East Melbourne, VIC

Apartment Hotels - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $405,157 Projected


Adara East Melbourne is a newly refurbished, 51 room property just two kilometres from Melbourne's Central Business District. With a long 28 year lease this...

Leasehold, Hotel | QLD - Townsville Mackay | Just Walk In And Reap The Rewards
Ref: LH004292

Townsville City, QLD

Hotel - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $104,127


The Clarion Hotel Townsville (formerly known as Central City Motel) has been recently refurbished and has been awarded a 4.5 star rating from AAA. The...

Freehold Going Concern, Motel | QLD - Brisbane | Arguably Brisbane's Best Freehold Motel
Ref: FH004290

Rocklea, QLD

Motel - Freehold Going Concern

Nett Profit: $589,738 Projected

$4,250,000 FIRM

Offered to the market for the very first time since it's inception as a first class motel, The Brisbane International - Rocklea Motel is a...

Freehold Going Concern, Apartment Hotels | ACT - Inner North | Management And Freehold In Canberra's Premium Accommodation Precinct
Ref: FH004284

Braddon, ACT

Apartment Hotels - Freehold Going Concern

Nett Profit: $1,119,000


Offered for the first time in 21 years, Capital Executive Apartment Hotel offers a truly rare, management plus freehold business opportunity in the heart of...

Leasehold, Apartment Hotels | SA - Adelaide | Leasehold of Apartment Hotel Development In Port Adelaide
Ref: LH004287

Port Adelaide, SA

Apartment Hotels - Leasehold


The Quest Port Adelaide business offers a unique opportunity to become associated with Australasia's most successful apartment hotel franchise system. The business consists of 61...

Freehold Going Concern, Motel | NSW - Murray | Entry level Freehold Going Concern!
Ref: FH004285

Corowa, NSW

Motel - Freehold Going Concern

Nett Profit: $57,571


Buy yourself a residence with an income attached! This entry level freehold is an excellent opportunity to purchase a good sized fully renovated three bedroom...

Leasehold, Motel | NSW - North Coast | Triple Investment In Two years - Best Opportunity In Australia Today!
Ref: LH004275

Ballina, NSW

Motel - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $235,000 Projected


"In over 30 years of specialising in marketing and selling resorts across Australia and the wider pacific region, Resort Brokers has never seen an opportunity...

Leasehold, Apartment Hotels | NSW - Sydney | Sydney Quest Apartment Leasehold Overlooking The Ocean
Ref: LH004272

Cronulla, NSW

Apartment Hotels - Leasehold

Nett Profit: $1,093,849


On offer is a unique opportunity to become associated with the Quest Group the most successful apartment hotel franchise system in Australasia. Quest Cronulla comprises...

Freehold Going Concern, Motel | QLD - South | Freehold Lifestyle Motel Not A Landlord In Sight
Ref: FH004273

Bororen, QLD

Motel - Freehold Going Concern


Enjoy a magnificent three bedroom cottage with two car garage complete with a white picket fence, all separate from the motel. Make this the tree...

Showing 1 to 20 of 188 records

Motels: A Lucrative Investment

Before 1985, motels in Australia were sold and operated entirely under the 'going concern' model. This describes the situation whereby the motel operator owns the physical asset of the motel as well as looking after the daily business of running the motel.

This all changed in 1985 when Ian Crooks, a successful motel broker from New Zealand, decided to move to Brisbane in search of a sunnier life. Ian introduced and pioneered the concept of 'motel leasing'. This model enabled one party to own the bricks, mortar, and land associated with a motel (the freehold), and then lease this to a second party who would operate the business of running the motel (the leasehold). This distinction between 'freehold motels' and 'leasehold motels' set the trend for motel brokering. Freehold motels suited investors looking for a secure passive investment; leasehold motels suited active investors looking to work hard and maximise profits. 

Our first 'Motel for Sale' was the Mary Ellen in Ipswich; Ian sold the leasehold back in December 1985. From this point he began to spread operations throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Between 1993 and 1995, several new motel brokers were brought into the fold to meet demand. In 1995, our Sydney office opened for business.

The 1990's also saw massive activity in the Northern Territory, with our Darwin office servicing Katherine, Tennant Creek and beyond. By 2002 Resort Brokers also had agents active on the ground throughout Victoria and in Tasmania, educating buyers on the benefits of motel investment leaseholds and freeholds for sale.

In the years since its conception, Resort Brokers have continued to grow and become the leading agents of freehold and leasehold hotels and motels, along with other accommodation businesses for sale in Australia.

We can provide you with information on the current market, and assist you to find the right property for you. If you’re interested in classic style properties, we can show you persevered old motels or hotels available for lease or for sale by the owner. However, for those more drawn to contemporary accommodation, we have newly constructed properties on our listings. This includes passive investment motels and property leases. The business types for sale in the motel industry are wide ranging and we believe there is the perfect property for every buyer.

Ian is still widely regarded as the foremost motel broker in Australia. Developers, valuers, buyers, sellers, government and press continually seek his expertise and advice. Never one to hide a secret, Ian has passed on his knowledge to our team of motel brokers. When searching for investment hotels and/or motels (leasehold, freehold or going concern) for salethrough Resort Brokers Australia, you can rest assured that you are working with the most experienced team in the Australia.

Whether you are looking to buy smaller 25 or 26 room motels for sale, or are looking to lease larger properties, contact Resort Brokers Australia. We are here to help you through the process of buying or leasing accommodation business, including motel businesses and management rights.

Contact Resort Brokers today.