Frank Matus

Frank Matus


Frank joins ResortBrokers’ Brisbane management rights team with perhaps the most diverse sales and marketing backgrounds, from an equally diverse range of locations, of any broker who has joined our team.

He’s directed numerous sales, marketing and event projects in a range of sectors such as event operations, aerospace, building, construction, information technology,, finance, gaming, mining, luxury travel, sustainability and wine. This passion to continually learn and challenge himself has led him to the Middle East, China, Europe and Australia.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Frank has proved himself to be a resourceful leader and problem-solver with a focus on developing client and industry relationships.

 “I’ve had the privilege of working in some of the most interesting places in the world and this has allowed me to prove that I can successfully lead culturally diverse, high-performing teams and stakeholders towards challenging commercial goals.”

 “A large part of what I’ve done consistently over the years is developing constantly as an expert integrator of sales, marketing, sponsorship, communications and event programs. This has given me the understanding of how to drive growth, profitability and brand awareness across a range of industries, delivering creative, return on investment-led strategies through superior relationship management.”

“This experience has helped equip me for the transition into the accommodation industry and I’m really looking forward to hitting the road to get to know people and their businesses.”

Frank is a big part of ResortBrokers’ plans to scale up the business across Australia and he brings an exceptional skill set which will benefit all operators in Brisbane. His sales and marketing nous is complemented by this proven experience and he is a firm believer in the “client comes first, always” philosophy.

South East Queensland-born and bred, this is something of a homecoming for Frank after many years of chasing business opportunities around the world.

“I always knew I’d end up back in Brisbane at some stage. I love the city and the people. The big thing I noticed about coming back is how genuinely friendly people are here. It’s made me feel very welcome and right at home again.

“The management rights industry is at an exciting stage right now. A lot of people are moving here and investors are following that and these businesses are now becoming in very high demand.

“And there’s a real buzz here now as well. With the Olympic Games in 2032, this is the place to be.”

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