Our brokers have the industry knowledge
& the experience necessary to achieve
the best possible outcome

Why Choose Us To Sell Your Property

Over the many years that Resort Brokers Australia has been in business, we have built steadily and consistently on the high level of service that today marks us out from our competitors. We know what our clients expect and deserve, and we take great pleasure in providing it.

One of the greatest things about Resort Brokers Australia is the culture that we work in. We firmly believe that there is little point in working for a big company unless you work together as team. To this end, 42% of our sales last year were inter-company conjunctions. When a business owner lists with Resort Brokers Australia, they are not just listing with one broker but with many.

One motto that you will regularly hear at Resort Brokers Australia is that ‘we are selling agents, not listing agents’. This may not sound like much, but it means a lot to us. So many of our competitors have a scattergun approach to selling businesses.

At Resort Brokers Australia, we will only take a listing if we genuinely feel we can sell it. We provide a detailed analysis of the market and a realistic assessment of what price can be achieved. If a seller’s expectations are too high, we would rather be honest and revisit at a later date. Each broker’s aim is to have a manageable number of high quality listings that he/she can service impeccably and sell in a timely manner.

Once a property is listed with Resort Brokers Australia, the level of professionalism we provide is quickly evident. Rather than a one-sided info sheet, we have a dedicated in-house marketing team who prepare detailed, full-colour investment summaries. We’re sure you’ll agree that they look great and judging by the feedback they certainly excite the buyers out there.

Selling a business can be a daunting process, so we take every step make it is a smooth and stress-free as possible. Without question, we attend every inspection that takes place. We always give detailed feedback and commentary after any inspection. We also provide reports enabling vendors to track the interest that their property has had on-line.

Perhaps most importantly for our vendor clients; we strongly believe that our negotiation skills are second to none. When we list properties, we do our homework and make sure properties are presented to the market correctly. As such, we know where our parameters are and are able to negotiate with confidence. In short, our brokers have the industry knowledge and the experience necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.