Off The Plan

Off The Plan

Management Rights opportunities are now frequently taken to the market ‘Off the Plan’, prior to the completion of a strata-titled development.

ResortBrokers has led the sector, advocating the significant advantages available to all stakeholders– developers, operators and unit owners.


Off the plan Management Rights transactions are struck between the property developer and the future operator. The sale is based on income projections, rather than on historical trading figures.

For a purchaser to secure Management Rights off the plan, it is generally a pre-requisite they have experience in the industry. This is because the manager will carry the developer’s reputation in presenting the building, attracting tenants/guests, and generating returns for unit investors.

Those looking to buy Management Rights off the plan are encouraged to ‘do their homework’ thoroughly. The expected net profit will be based on projected letting pool numbers and rental appraisals. It is also important to understand the caretaking duties.


It is recommended, particularly in the case of larger-scale properties, to engage an industry specialist accountant to produce a projected income report. This supports buyer confidence and helps facilitate the finance approval process.

As a general rule, off the plan Management Rights are valued at a reduced multiplier to that applied in the sale of established complexes. The upside lies in the opportunity to build the business value. Buyers are also often able to work with the developer during construction and fit-out, with an eye to operational aspects.

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With great upside also comes great responsibility. The buyer will be responsible for renting a large volume of stock in the quickest period of time, while securing the best rents possible. For this reason, their first meeting with the developer is similar to a job interview. Preparation is essential.

Once a formal offer is submitted, and agreed with the developer, contracts are signed and the deposit paid. Funds are not transferred until settlement, ie. when the complex is up and running and the manager starts receiving an income.

ResortBrokers is by far Australia’s most active off the plan Management Rights agency. Contact us on 1300 665 966 to speak with a specialist broker.


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