At Resort Brokers Australia, we are not just looking for any buyer... we are looking for the best buyer

Marketing Your Property Correctly

With experience spanning over four decades, Resort Brokers Australia has been witness to significant development in the ways in which accommodation businesses are advertised in the marketplace. However, one thing that has not changed at all during this period is the importance of marketing a property well.

We often say that your best chance of selling is in the first few weeks of listing a property for sale. After an initial spark when a property first comes to market, enthusiasm can quickly trail off. It is critical to get as many buyers as possible interested from the outset. Maximum impact from the beginning will lead to the best possible outcome.

Increased exposure also leads to an increased perception of value in the marketplace. Is Perrier more expensive to produce than tap water? Of course not…but it definitely sells for a lot more! This is the power of advertising. Buyers look for and respond to well marketed assets as they perceive them to be valuable and worth marketing in the first place.

At Resort Brokers Australia, we are not just looking for any buyer….we are looking for the best buyer. In order to achieve this, we need to cover all bases when it comes to advertising. As such, we take an integrated approach to advertising, leveraging across different channels to ensure maximum exposure. What are the various marketing mediums that we use?

It would probably not surprise many readers to hear that the most prevalent form of marketing in today’s computer driven society is the internet. At Resort Brokers Australia, we are constantly adapting and improving our website to make it as accessible, informative and useful as possible. The proportion of enquiries driven from our own website is ever-increasing.

As well as our own website, we provide our vendors with free access to an array of third party websites (ie., However, it is very easy to become lost amongst the numerous other properties on the market. Resort Brokers Australia can provide recommendations and assistance as to how best to enhance your properties exposure on these sites.

Contrary to what many people say, press advertising is still a very important source of advertising. It never ceases to amaze us at Resort Brokers how much a catchy newspaper ad can generate interest in a property. Press advertising remains a great opportunity to distinguish a property from others on the market. It also comes in a familiar format and can be digested with a croissant and a coffee.

At Resort Brokers Australia we pride ourselves on the quality of the documentation we provide to potential purchasers. For every property that we list, we prepare an detailed and bespoke investment summary. All summaries include large images showcasing your property (we strongly recommend professional photos!), along with a detailed breakdown of the offering. This allows all relevant information to be passed to potential buyers   in a timely and professional manner.

One of the most effective means of advertising at Resort Brokers Australia’s disposal is our extensive database in excess of 15,000 industry insiders. On a weekly basis we email bespoke e-shots to our database, highlighting exceptional opportunities to our clients. We have also developed an in-house ‘property alerts’ system, which matches new listings to the requirements of buyer’s on a database.

Any discussion of the advertising we utilise would not be complete without a mention of our highly respected industry magazine, The Resort Brokers' Informer. First published in March 2002, the Informer has grown to become one of Australia’s leading tourism and business publications. Published on a quarterly basis, it reaches around 22,000 people (15,000 electronically and 7,000 in hard copy). Informer is both a source of fantastic commentary on our industry and a great place to look at the best listings currently on the market.

Always ones to set trends rather than follow them, Resort Brokers Australia are currently developing ways in which social media can be used to market accommodation businesses. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will undoubtedly play an increasing role in years to come and with nearly 1,000 likes on Facebook we are already well on our way to building our extensive social newtork. Whatever medium, you can count of the fact that Resort Brokers Australia will be leading the charge when it comes to marketing and advertising.