Marketing Your Property Correctly

Marketing Your Property Correctly

At ResortBrokers, we are not just looking for any buyer ... we are looking for the best buyer. We have the experience and resources to give you the greatest market advantage.

Selling success requires the practised skill of experienced brokers backed by experts in design, advertising and media communications. The ResortBrokers in-house marketing department is dedicated to ensuring your property gains maximum exposure in all the right places through an integrated, targeted campaign.


We pride ourselves on the quality of the documentation supplied to potential purchasers. For every property we list, we prepare a bespoke Investment Summary or Information Memorandum.

They feature eye-catching design, large images showcasing your property (we strongly recommend professional photos), and a detailed description of the opportunity and investment highlights. Delivering all the relevant information to potential buyers in a comprehensive and professional format, these reports are vital selling tools – informative and compelling.


ResortBrokers’ database has not been simply purchased or thrown together. It has been painstakingly compiled over four decades to currently include more than 20,000 industry contacts. Detailed content allows us to zero in on your target market with powerful bespoke ‘e-shots’, high-impact, property-specific emails to select purchaser groups.

We have also developed an in-house ‘listing alerts’ system, which matches new listings to buyers’ requirements on our database.

online access vital

Your property will be showcased on our highly effective, regularly updated and easy to navigate website. Your web ad will be instantly accessible, attractive and informative, with a compelling call to action. We feature high quality photos/renders with punchy yet detailed information to elicit enquiry from potential buyers suited to your property.

As well as our own website, we provide our vendors with free access to an array of third party websites (eg., And we can advise you on how best to enhance your property’s exposure on these sites.


Depending on the type, scale and location of the property we are taking to market, advertising in traditional print media and may be considered worthwhile. If so we will recommend a proposed advertising schedule.

Another avenue we will explore is the potential to gain editorial exposure in property and accommodation-related news media – regional, metropolitan and national. Where appropriate, we will recommend a PR strategy to support the marketing of your property.


ResortBrokers’ quarterly ‘Informer’ magazine, published since 2002, provides the industry’s most powerful national marketing forum showcasing accommodation businesses and property for sale.

Informer has an industry-specific circulation of 25,400, made up of 10,200 glossy print editions mailed directly to subscribers and 15,200 digital issues sent to online subscribers. This is a powerful selling tool – a unique voice that cuts through – only offered by ResortBrokers.

strategic and connected

Always ones to set trends rather than follow them, ResortBrokers is also constantly developing new strategies and campaigns, including using social media to market accommodation opportunities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn will play an increasing role, as our social network grows daily.

Whatever the medium, you can count on ResortBrokers leading the charge when it comes to marketing and advertising in the highly specialised accommodation property and business market.


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