Assess your skills as well as your lifestyle
& financial requirements

Getting Ready to Buy

The decision to purchase an accommodation business is likely to be one of the most important decisions that someone will make during their working life. Like all important decisions, it is essential to follow the correct process and to take advice from the right people.

First and foremost, speak to a good broker. We know this sounds biased, but it generally is the best starting point. A good broker will not be looking to sell you something on the first phone call you have with them. On the contrary, it’s our job to ask detailed questions and to get a feel for what your requirements are. 

If you are completely new to the accommodation sector, it is a good idea to do some initial homework. At Resort Brokers Australia, our brokers are always happy to meet up for an introductory chat in order to provide a sound overview of the industry.

Resort Brokers Australia has produced a series on highly informative, in-house guides that provide an excellent background to the sectors we operate in. These can be emailed or posted on request. We also run a number of introductory seminars in various location across Australia; keep an eye on our website for the next one.

As you start to get a feel for the industry in general, start to think about what sort of business will best suit your skills, lifestyle and financial requirements. After all, all businesses are unique and each will suit a different person. It is critical to ask yourself the tough questions and to set your priorities straight.

Are you looking for a lifestyle business that gives you an income and plenty of free time? Or are you looking to work really hard, grow your business and achieve some capital gain? Are you willing to go anywhere for the right opportunity? Or do you have to be near your kids’ school?

Learn to look at any business objectively. Consider where opportunities lie to grow the business. Identify possible risks that could jeopardise the property's ongoing success and work out how you might deal with them. What are your strenghts? If you can find a business that you feel to can improve by bringing fresh ideas and skills, this represents a great opportunity to be successful.

As well as speaking to an experienced broker, it is worthwhile speaking with other industry professionals at an early stage. In particular, a conversation with a specialist finance broker or banker is a great starting point. Knowing what you are able to spend and what debt you will be able to service is key. In reality, people often have more purchasing power than they initially thought.

A chat with a specialist accountant and specialist solicitor is also advisable. An accountant will be able to provide advice in regards to the best ways of buying businesses. Setting up trusts and/or public limited companies often has distinct tax advantages. A solicitor will be able to provide useful advice as to the process of purchasing an accommodation business, so you know what to expect when you find the right one.

In summary, when it comes to purchasing an accommodation business…take your time, do your homework and entrust in the right people. It is much better to take a year to find the perfect business than it is to take a month to find something ‘that will do’. Whatever your situation, Resort Brokers Australia are here to help you from start to finish. We pride ourselves on our ability to match the right people with the right property.