13 Sep 2011
Words Alex Cook

5 Tips On How To Make Your Resort Stand Out From the Crowd

Resorts For SaleIt's one thing to stand out from the crowd as a person, but standing out as a resort or hotel is another matter completely. What makes it such a difficult task is that each business ultimately offers the same services. If you're looking to buy resorts or looking to buy hotels but want some marketing ideas before you take the plunge these 5 tips should help ease the stress of attracting  clients:

  • Entertainment/Events – depending on the size of your resort or hotel think about hosting different events to attract clients. Think about some of the major boxing events hosted at Caesars Palace, Trump Hotel or Mandalay Bay all in Las Vegas. If your venue is a little smaller try bringing in comedians or up and coming artists. It might cost a little to host the event but the potential revenue from tickets, drinks, accommodation and food can add up to a far greater amount.
  • Television Exposure – this doesn't just mean the usual TV advertisements, but true TV exposure, for example as mentioned earlier with the major boxing events – just hosting a televised event puts the name into peoples heads. Another way of doing this is through a TV series (or movie), get in contact with the companies and try to get some footage shot on location.
  • Technology – make sure the latest technology is available at your resort or hotel. Wi-Fi should be an absolute minimum. This keeps business interest for meetings and business trips, allowing them to keep contact with the main office and other clients.
  • Keep it private and aesthetically pleasing – with resorts in particular, people want privacy from the outside world and even other patrons as well as the feeling of being in nature (even though the resort itself may on the main strip on the Gold Coast right on the beachfront...) integrating that urban feeling with nature often brings about the feeling of luxury and privacy.
  • Packages and promotions – combining forces with the local golf course (or any other nearby attraction) is a great way to attract people to your resort or hotel. Add in some spa promotion and you have one tempting invite for potential holiday makers.

If you're a current resort or hotel owner or looking to buy resorts then try out some of these ideas and stand out from the crowd. Potential resort buyers should check out Resort Brokers for the latest properties for sale and get their idea started today!

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