18 May 2020
Words Glenn Millar & Chenoa Daniel


Put the glass of wine down and step away from the cheese-board – things are about to get real. People want what they can’t have and right now that’s a holiday. People want to holiday that didn’t even know they wanted 2 weeks ago. So below we have listed a few keys points to help get you back in the game and why people will choose to stay at your business.


Sounds like a no brainer but most people have pulled rates or stacked them with the uncertain state of travel restrictions and the never-ending change of regulations. Now is the time to be organised and plan ahead. Are your rates competitive?

Room mapping

When was the last time you checked your channel connections and made sure your mapping was up to date? Many vendors do not think to audit this area of their business, but with the little bit of time we have left this could be the one thing that helps maximise your online presence and booking potential. 


Is your website up to date and looking its best? Now could be a great time to capture a pool shot without a guest in an inappropriate swimsuit wishing to swim at that exact moment. Are your rates pulling through correctly and showing the right tariffs? When was the last time the room details page was updated? One thing that really gets my goat (what does that saying even mean – but I like it), is when the contact details are not clear – is your phone number and email clear and bold on the top of every page so lazy people can see? You want them to contact you direct, not through a 3rd party provider. People are lazy – make it easy. 


Do you have an online presence? Are you active on multiple platforms? 

I understand social media can be confusing with its ever-changing algorithms and hash tagging… Why do people hashtag everything #stupid…?

But, whether you’re a social media loving butterfly or more like a tech-illiterate moth, it is important to be searchable online. We are becoming a visual society and we expect pretty pictures with unicorns and rainbows to get the potential punters double tapping. If you really don’t want to learn to be an Instagram influencer than maybe consider talking to a social media manager to assist with your platforms.

Reach out

Have you reached out to any of your returning guests to see if they’re okay. Not only will they feel extra special but they are likely to return again and they feel you care about them, which of course you do. And the month long booking they usually take over low season… 


One of the beautiful things we have in this industry is multiple guests email addresses. Except from who give you some bogus email to count out any direct contact – jerks. But being a savvy operator, you will always get email addresses on arrival. Import your email addresseses and send everyone a special post corona deal. Maybe a stay 5 pay 4 deal or maybe a 6 pack of Coronas – get inventive and get them to book direct!


You either love it or loath it. The platform that every self-intitled person can judge you for every little thing that is out of your control. How dare other guests be in the pool… But whether you like it or not, you need it. You also need to keep your reply’s to reviews up to date. People do read the replies from management so remember to keep them positive and professional. 

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