How do I react to the turmoil?

13 Mar 2020
Words Glenn Millar

How do I react to the turmoil?

I am sure you don’t need reminding that the current health crisis has influenced the tourism and accommodation industry and will continue to do so. Buyer enquiries have dropped dramatically, however there is some interest still trickling in. Any enquiries are being dealt with quickly and we will continue to try and arrange inspections as required. 

How long this will last is anyone’s guess, however, we as an industry are confident the industry will bounce back even stronger once this crisis is over.

In response to this, it may pay to talk to your owners and look at utilising empty holiday units into permanent leases on a temporary basis until tourism numbers stabilise. You may be able to attract tenants to sign 3-or-more month leases and mitigate losses across your building during this period until tourism numbers bounce back. Just a thought as rental accommodation is hard to get in many areas.

ResortBrokers has put a raft of measures in place including setting up technology in the homes of our admin staff so if they have to work from home it can be business as usual.  Brokers again can operate effectively from home if needed, however, until further notice we will continue to work with you to try to secure buyers and to actively keep deals going through this period.


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