Off To A Flying Start

30 Jan 2019
Words Greg James

Off To A Flying Start

The New Year is already racing away, after a busy visitor season in beautiful Southeast Queensland and Northern NSW. I would like to wish you all the very best for 2019.

I am now celebrating my first full year with RESORTBROKERS. And doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? It may be a cliché, it’s a reality for me.

Working with and representing RESORTBROKERS is an absolute pleasure in what I regard as the best area to live and work in Australia – my region stretching from the Gold Coast in the north to Coffs Harbour in the south and west to Narrabri.


I’ve been very fortunate in my business life (over 32 years since leaving the Royal Australian Navy in 1987) and I can honestly say the support, professionalism and success of RESORTBROKERS is second to none among all the companies I’ve been involved with.

Having run my own company for 23 years, I know how hard it can be. RESORTBROKERS has it nailed, and their backing allows me to do what I do best, and that is to service my clients.

Making more than 1200 service calls in the last 12 months, I’ve met many of you. So I just wanted to say, thanks for the chats and insights into your businesses. I really do appreciate your time.

In these 12 months, I have sold and settled seven businesses and have a few more in the pipeline. That record of success is a tribute to the way RESORTBROKERS operates, and how they encourage their agents to collaborate and support each other to the get the best results.


During the coming six weeks, I will be endeavouring to get around my entire patch to say ‘hi’. So please, if you are thinking of selling or would simply like an appraisal, just let me know and I will make a specific time to call when I am in your area.

I have learned so much in the last 12 months about the accommodation industry and where it is heading. So I’m very happy to pass on any ideas I have that may help maximise your profits.

It’s all worth consideration so you can be rewarded for your hard work.


One of the best ways for you to become more profitable is to gain more direct bookings and rely less on the OTAs.

If you haven’t yet seen Dick Smith’s rants about, Expedia, etc., then can I recommend you take a look at the link provided here,, then share it on your social networks.

If you’ve already viewed it, I suggest you keep up the momentum and continue to share it. Just copy the link and paste it onto your Facebook page. Let me know and I will share it onto ours.

If we can encourage guests to see the benefits of booking direct, operators everywhere will benefit.

Here is my Facebook page:

If you ‘like’ my page, I am happy to reciprocate and promote your business as well.

This is just one way of maximising your profits. I will be sharing other little insights that can also assist you to build your profits during my visits and through my emails.

Thanks for your support. I look forward to catching up with you throughout the coming  year.  Once again, all the best for 2019.



Motel and Caravan Park Broker – Gold Coast & Nthn NSW

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