Time wasters for your mental health

30 Apr 2020
Words Glenn Millar & Chenoa Daniel

Time wasters for your mental health

Let’s face it:  In principle, it’s easy to say this is the right time to get on with the things you put off while busy with guests and tenants. But a pandemic lifestyle plays brutal havoc with your direction, structure and focus.

Here are a few things that might help your mental health and keep you focused and on track. Remember if your mental health isn’t positive – your business won’t be either! 

1. Dinner on the driveway is a thing

It seems people are going all in and having dinner in their driveway since restaurants have closed. It’s sort of like having a family meal in the world’s roomiest restaurant … with bonus trees and things.

This seems to me to be a guaranteed way to lift mood, shake up boring routines and delight passers-by (and yourself/your gang). Perhaps you want to driveway dine and take your pandemic positivity to the next level? (If you feel like being positive. Perhaps you don’t and that is totally understandable and just ignore me.)

2. Adopt a healthcare worker

Fancy yourself as a bit of an Angelina or Brad? Think adopting a fully grown adult with an admirable job is much cooler than changing poo diapers – me too!

Well now you can – go on - adopt a fully grown, scrubs-wearing adult. Adopt A Healthcare Worker connects us to local doctors, nurses and the like. You can find out what these legends need help with and put your hand up to give them a hand. Take a peek at Facebook and search for Adopt A Healthcare Worker in your state. Here’s the one for Queensland. 


3. Laughter

Okay so it may just be me but my ‘go-to’ is Cat Videos on Youtube. They always make me laugh and their little furry faces get me every time. Think you’re having a bad day, watch these little suckers faceplant into a bush. Lucky they always land on their feet and have multiple lives. On another cat note, who knew that some genius has been documenting cats living in shops. I’m excited about it! https://www.boredpanda.com/convenience-store-cats/

4. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins – endorphins make us happy = job done! A walk/bike ride/run stops us from plotting an untimely death of our other half who we have been isolated with for the past month. Please exercise people….

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