Trudy and Tim Crooks Among the Keynote Speakers At National Hotel Summit

11 Jul 2019
Words ResortBrokers

Trudy and Tim Crooks Among the Keynote Speakers At National Hotel Summit

As the residential apartment sector continues to slow, many developers are looking to tap into opportunities within the burgeoning hotel sector.

But the big question is: how best to do this and what are the various models that developers can adopt?

ResortBrokers National Sales Manager Trudy Crooks and National Off The Plan Specialist Tim Crooks were both called upon to provide their expert advice at The Urban Developer’s Hotel & Hospitality Development Summit in Sydney.

The summit was an immersive one-day event featuring the latest research, expert opinion, market trends, business models and case studies for property developers, consultants, operators and suppliers in the hotel sector.

Trudy was the guest speaker for the module titled “Hotel Models Inc.” and she provided a practical exploration of the different development and operating models currently being adopted within the hotel and hospitality sector. 

She was also the key participant in a panel discussion which took questions from the audience representing the key players in the accommodation industry in Australia.

Tim Crooks featured in the module titled “The Hotel Horizon” which was a panel of leading agents and brokers who discussed the types and sources of capital, investment hurdles, mandates and benchmarks, preferred locations and methods for the opportunities for developers to capitalise on these trends.

“It was a real validation of the work we’re doing to be asked to be keynote speakers at such a prestigious industry event,” Tim said.

“It was a great opportunity for us to meet some key people and at the same time I felt we were able to unpack some great information and explain the fundamental supply and demand dynamics of the hotel and accommodation sector within the context of the development industry in the years ahead.”


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