Why We Are Different

15 Oct 2021
Words Ben Hall Informer Issue 100

Why We Are Different

The key to any successful business hinges on some basic principles: providing the very best in service, pursuing excellence, having purpose, always be learning, developing the best systems, showing integrity and respect to everyone and good old fashioned hard work with a “never give up” attitude. 

These are the principles that underpin our core values but we also pride ourselves on providing additional value to our clients and the “ResortBrokers experience” is the reason we are Australia’s longest established and most experienced specialist agency operating in the accommodation and hospitality sector.

So what separates us from the competition?

We qualify our buyers

One of our key strengths is that we have the experience to personally and rigorously qualify potential buyers to make sure they fully understand the asset and what they are actually buying, and we ensure they have the necessary financial backing.

A key part of our sales process, and a major reason for our success, is that we sort out who’s really interested and who’s just ‘looking’. This is very important as we don’t want to spend time and effort marketing and selling your business to potential buyers unless they’re genuinely interested.One of the most important elements of qualifying buyers is finding out if they actually have the money to buy your business.

We ask them questions, lots of questions. We ensure your private information remains confidential and we also make sure they are using industry professionals so there is no wasted time, or money, in getting a deal done.

We then present the best operators, and their offers, to the vendors which means they have the power to make a decision on what’s best for them.


Our deals settle

Why do our deals settle? When we are entrusted to handle your exclusive listing, this is not just an honour - it’s a responsibility and a major one at that. This is your business, your life’s work and we don’t take that lightly.

Our national network of experienced brokers work together as a team and around 50 percent of our sales are collaborative transactions between them. This shared knowledge really opens up your pool of potential buyers.

This shared knowledge also means that we have encountered nearly every obstacle possible to completing a deal and have developed an understanding of how to overcome these and make the whole process as smooth as possible.

When you mix this combined experience of our national network of brokers with the fact that we qualify our buyers - this is the reason our deals settle!


We achieve record prices

This competitive process does not just ensure certainty of settlement.

When we have multiple experienced purchasers who tick all the boxes, what happens then? How does the vendor decide who to sell to?

Do we go with the most experienced, or who’s willing to pay the most? Sometimes the answer is a bit of both, but ultimately the outcome is usually that we convert this strong market demand from multiple buyers into record results for our vendors.


The power of our marketing

Our ResortBrokers inhouse marketing team is made up of industry specialists with the skills, experience and the tactical know-how to give you the greatest advantage. We are dedicated to ensuring your property gains maximum exposure in all the right places through a co-ordinated and targeted marketing campaign which hits the right audience and delivers outstanding results.

Our marketing team is made up of a copywriter and a design team which produces the highest quality collateral, including our own inhouse quarterly magazine, Informer. We also have a dedicated inhouse PR specialist who generates print and online media coverage across Australia. No other agency can offer this highly professional service.

We have developed an extensive digital footprint and have partnered with a SEM specialist to ensure we hit the right audience through Google search, social media and external listing sites. We can also engage the services of a video and photography company that specialises in accommodation property to produce high quality visuals of your property, including drone footage and still images.


The importance of agility

The ability to be agile, adapting quickly and responding fast to new and changing demands is imperative to all businesses and we are well aware that agile environments improve the overall client experience.

An agile environment allows us to respond to demand and pivot when needed and we are constantly adapting to changes on the ground in this current environment. Businesses with an agile culture can identify opportunities to the benefit of their clients.

The key to this is constant communication with our network. Our brokers pride themselves on keeping everyone up to date with what’s happening during a deal and then responding immediately if action is required.


National business with local knowledge

With specialist brokers in every state and territory, we work exclusively in the accommodation business sector and are regarded as leaders in the field in Australia.

As mentioned above, around 50 percent of our sales are collaborations between brokers which means we can provide a truly national coverage, yet we have the added advantage of also providing local knowledge through this network of regional specialists.

We have our feet on the ground in your area which means we understand the nuances of a local market which gives us the advantage of being “big”, but nimble at the same time.


7 days a week

ResortBrokers was built on the basis that it runs on a seven day work week. We pride ourselves on focus, persistence and hard work.

This is an essential element of the ResortBrokers’ culture today. We are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week business. We’re not afraid to put in the hard yards to get you the best results.

And we are available to be there for every inspection!


Helping people succeed 

We are not satisfied unless we know that all parties in our transactions have succeeded. We pride ourselves on delivering successful results for both vendors and buyers.

We take genuine pride in helping our people transition out of a business and into their next opportunity and creating the chance for someone to buy into a successful business venture. Our team takes genuine pride in delivering positive life changes for all of our clients. 


We live by the mantra: Your success is our success 


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