What are Management Rights

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We can offer you access to an all-encompassing database of resorts for sale Australia wide. Whether you are looking to sell or purchase a tourism property outright, commit to a lease, or buy management rights, we can help.

With an unparalleled level of expertise and industry knowledge, we can thoroughly answer any questions you may have and give you the confidence to jump into the tourism industry. Resort Brokers Australia is the agents of choice for Quest Hotels, Choice Hotels and Best Western with years of experience behind us. Having been servicing tourism business entrepreneurs for longer than any of our Australasia competitors, we offer a service second to none.

If you do not have the financial backing to purchase a tourism property outright, don’t worry – you can always purchase management rights. What are management rights? The term is commonly misunderstood. Essentially, management rights gives one or more people, or a company, a slice of market share and an active role in managing a strata titled property such as an apartment or unit complex for tenants or holidaymakers, as well as, hotels, motels and resorts.

Having management rights typically means the manager resides on the property and manages the day-to-day running in return for a salary. The manager will rent to tenants or holidaymakers, keep them satisfied and take care of the grounds and facilities. The contract entered into with the Body Corporate can be short-term or long-term depending on what suits you better.

Buying management rights can be the perfect solution to a change in lifestyle. Say you’re looking for a tree change or sea change; here at Resort Brokers Australia we can facilitate this change for you via management rights. You’ll be living in a beautiful location, meeting lots of people and changing your lifestyle. We can make your dreams come true.

This sort of scheme has much appeal, as it requires less money to enter into and comes with a home in a great destination and steady salary. For those interested in the possibilities offered by such a lifestyle Resort Brokers Australia can make sure you understand all the facts and assist you every step of the way.


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