Buying a Caravan Park

Buy a Caravan Park 

Buying a caravan park is not a business venture you want to jump into without expert advice, guidance and know-how. Resort Brokers Australia has you covered in all respects with a team of talented individuals at the top of our field. We are leaders in the tourism property investment sector with 25 years of experience in this niche market.

Australia is perfect for owning and operating a caravan park. We are a very caravan-friendly country with many natural wonders, national parks and plenty of fauna and flora to marvel at. We enjoy a climate ideal for caravanning with a culture embracing camping adventures and outback road-trips.

Whether you wish to enjoy the coastal life or cash in on the grey nomads trekking across the outback, we have the business contacts, knowledge and experience to help.

Ensure you make the right investment and talk to us on 1300 665 966 or send us an online enquiry to see how we can be of service to you.


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