Caravan / Cabin Park

Caravan / Cabin Park

noun / A property where people stay in a caravans or cabins on holidays, or where people live in caravans or manufactured homes, usually offering a range of communal amenities and leisure facilities.

Short Term

Tourist sites

Long term sites

Permanent occupancy site

Amenities block

Park showers & toilet block

Ensuite Cabins

With own shower and toilet

Drive through site

You don't park your van you drive through?

Permanent Park

Permanent residents, no tourists.

Tourist Park

Predominately tourist only  

Vans hook sing and shower waste to this point


Manufactured Home Park


Park owner

Powered site

Caravan parking spots with power. 

Unpowered site

Same but no power


People pay annual rent site with cabin or lodge on it, they own cabin pay annual fee to stay there

Onsite site

Caravan parking space with stand alone and private shower and toilet

Sullage Point

Where the caravaners hook up their shower and sink water ( waste water) line into

Ensuite site

A stand alone private shower and toilet (Bathroom)

Drive through site

Where you drive your and van through and park you don’t back your van into this site

Lodges and Villas

Are Cabins

Powered Site

A caravan or camping space with power


A site with a privately owned cabin or van left there permanently. The tenant / owner of the van person pays an annual fee for the site (ground) rental

Dump points

Where caravaners dump their toilet waste canisters into

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