Buying Management Rights

Buy Management Rights 

Don’t buy management rights except through us at Resort Brokers, Australia’s leading tourism property investment firm. We were the first company in Australia to specialise in the sale and marketing of management rights back in 1985, making our mark in this niche but important field.

Not sure what management rights really means? Essentially it means giving exclusive rights to a company or individual to provide on-site caretaking, management and letting of strata titled units on behalf of the lot owner or owners.

For example, a landlord who lives on an apartment property, rents out units, takes care of the grounds and facilities, and manages the site owns management rights and is paid a salary from Body Corporate fees.

So, perhaps you’re looking for a change in your lifestyle, and are considering, say, a sea change up to sunny Queensland. Here at Resort Brokers Australia, we can facilitate buying those rights from various motels, hotels or units. It could be the perfect change mid-life, for a relaxing lifestyle living in beautiful holiday destinations. From the hustle and bustle of the city centre, to resorts by the beach, we can facilitate the change that you want.

Embrace the opportunity to be your own boss, living in amazing locations. Call us today on 1300 665 966 to enquire about buying management rights.