Buying a Motel

Buying Motels

Resort Brokers Australia has been pioneering the niche tourism real estate sector with a team second to none and a commitment to excellence. Buying a motel is an important decision, so ensure you cover all your bases to secure a fair deal by hiring the first-class services of Resort Brokers Australia.

Over 25 years ago, Resort Brokers revolutionised the tourism property investment market. We introduced the concept of motel leasing to Australia, having recognised the cost of buying a motel outright was a huge financial barrier holding back potential entrepreneurs eager to enter the motel sector. We saw an important opening in Australia’s tourism industry, and sought to make ourselves the best in the business.

We want to make your accommodation business succeed. If you’re looking into entering the motel business, expanding your existing business, or just want more information about how to buy a motel business , we can help. We have the knowledge of what makes a motel succeed, and we will work with you to ensure you make the right purchasing decision.

At Resort Brokers, we have a policy that we will not sell you into a business that we can’t sell you out of. Additionally, we take into consideration your financial position, lifestyle goals, and existing commitments to ensure you find the perfect property. With Resort Brokers, you will know that we will not try to sell you just any property. Resort Brokers will find you a motel business that meets all your requirements.

We also assist with other elements of the buying, leasing, and selling process. Whether you are looking to buy, lease, or sell a motel, we can help. We can even facilitate management rights should you be looking for a change in lifestyle.

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