Motels For Sale in Geelong 

From freehold going concerns to leasehold motels, and passive commercial motel investments, Resort Brokers Australia has a range of motel listings in Victoria’s Geelong. Browse through the current availabilities or contact our friendly staff members for more information.

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Why Choose a Motel in Geelong?

If you’re looking for a motel for sale in Geelong, we, at Resort Brokers, are the perfect team to help you.

A large, bustling cosmopolitan city, Geelong is a combination of sun-kissed beaches, rural regions, suburban areas and inner-city culture, entertainment and vibrancy. With such diversity, Geelong offers a lifestyle to suit everyone.

Our expert Resort Brokers Australia team will take the guesswork out of purchasing a Geelong motel business and ensure you receive all the advice and help you need to make the right choice. We have been industry leaders for 25 years, with a wealth of experience, in-depth tourism market knowledge and innumerable business contacts. You can rest assured coming on board with us will prove highly successful.

So contact us today on 1300 665 966 and let us help you with your new motel business acquisition.