Jeff Keast

Jeff Keast

"“Across all these businesses and industries there is one constant. You need to provide your clients with impeccable service and really listen to what they need. And then you need to work your backside off to get them the best result.” "

For most people, their first job out of school involved pulling beers or typing names into a database but, for our new Brisbane Specialist Jeff Keast, his was a far more difficult one.

Not afraid of a challenge, Jeff went straight to work as a debt collector for a debt collection agency - talk about throwing yourself in the deep end!

“I spent three years in that industry, and you know what? It taught me a lot about negotiating with people, particularly over the phone and often under difficult circumstances,” Jeff recalls.

It’s this ability to be able to handle delicate negotiations under all situations which led Jeff to ResortBrokers and he’s set to become a major asset to our Brisbane management rights team.

Prior to joining us, Jeff started his own retail car yard specialising in used cars and for the past seven years, he’s been working in the wholesale end of the car business which involved buying trade-ins from new car dealerships. He also ran a car buying business called Cars Brisbane. This involved acting as a broker between a private seller and a dealer and his commitment to customer service meant he maintained a five-star rating on Google for seven years.

Away from work and he’s a keen mountain biker and most weekends he and his wife Kathy and two kids Sophie and Levi take the bikes out for a family ride.

“I’m also into keeping fit by going to the gym and have a personal trainer to kick my arse to try and keep me in shape!”

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