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Searching for a motel for sale? Resort Brokers has the highest quality freehold and leasehold motel and accommodation business listings in the country. As Australia’s motel sales specialists, we have motels listed nationwide, including capital cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. We also have a variety of motels for sale in regional areas, including Toowoomba in Queensland, Coffs Harbour and many more. Search for the perfect motel investment among our current listings or contact us for more information.

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Showing 1 to 15 of 15 records

Motels: A Lucrative Investment

Before 1985, motels in Australia were sold and operated entirely under the 'going concern' model. This describes the situation whereby the motel operator owns the physical asset of the motel as well as looking after the daily business of running the motel.

This all changed in 1985 when Ian Crooks, a successful motel broker from New Zealand, moved to Brisbane in search of a sunnier life. Ian introduced and pioneered the concept of 'motel leasing'. The motel leasing model enabled one party to own the bricks, mortar and land associated with a motel (the freehold), and then lease this to a second party who would operate the business of running the motel (the leasehold). This distinction between 'freehold motels' and 'leasehold motels' set the trend for motel brokering. Freehold motels suited investors looking for a secure passive investment; leasehold motels suited active investors looking to work hard and maximise profits.

Our first 'Motel for Sale' was the Mary Ellen in Ipswich; Ian sold the leasehold back in December 1985. From this point, he spread operations throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Between 1993 and 1995, several new motel brokers were brought into the fold to meet demand. In 1995, our Sydney office opened for business.

The 1990s also saw massive activity in the Northern Territory, with our Darwin office servicing Katherine, Tennant Creek and beyond. By 2002, Resort Brokers also had agents active on the ground throughout Victoria and in Tasmania, educating buyers on the benefits of motel investment leaseholds and freeholds for sale.

In the years since its conception, Resort Brokers have continued to grow and become the leading agents of freehold and leasehold hotels and motels, along with other accommodation businesses for sale in Australia, including caravan and cabin parks, apartment hotels and serviced apartments.

Resort Brokers Australia — Motel Sales Specialists 

Our motel sales specialists can provide you with information on the current market, and assist you in finding the right property for your goals. If you’re interested in classic style properties, we have persevered old motels or hotels available for lease or sale by the owner. However, for those more drawn to contemporary accommodation, we also list newly constructed properties, including passive investment motels and property leases. The business types for sale in the motel industry are wide-ranging, and we believe there is the perfect property for every buyer.

Ian is still widely regarded as the foremost motel broker in Australia. Developers, valuers, buyers, sellers, government and press continually seek his expertise and advice. Never one to hide a secret, Ian has passed on his knowledge to our team of motel brokers. When searching for investment hotels and/or motels (leasehold, freehold or going concern) for sale through Resort Brokers Australia, you can rest assured that you’re working with the most experienced team in Australia.

Motels for Sale Australia-Wide 

Resort Brokers Australia has motels for sale by owner nationwide, from Far Northern Queensland down to the NSW Central Coast through Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and regional South Australia and all the way over to Western Australia.  

Whether you are looking to buy a small motel for sale in SA or lease a larger property in NSW, contact the motel sales specialists at Resort Brokers Australia. We are here to help you through the process of buying or leasing an accommodation business, including motel businesses and management rights.

Contact Resort Brokers today to speak with a motel sales specialist and learn more about the motels we have listed across Australia.