Exclusively presented by ResortBrokers, we are delighted to provide an opportunity to acquire the Management Rights for this premier residential complex, featuring a noteworthy net profit of $440,992 and a substantial body corporate salary of $363,791, constituting 82.5% of the total net income.

With brand-new 10-year agreements recently secured and a history of successful top-ups, the robust relationship between the management and the bodies corporate underpins the stability and long-term value of this investment. The meticulously maintained gardens, of which a portion of the upkeep is paid for by the b/c reflective of the commitment to the complex and community, further accentuating the allure and value of this premier property.

In addition to the significant body corporate salary, the incoming manager benefits from an exclusive letting pool of 44 units out of 186. This opportunity promises a sustainable income (including significant sales opportunities) along with the flexibility of not having to live onsite, or own real estate. The functional office, supported by transparent accounting by industry specialists Archer Gowland, further enhances the appeal of this opportunity.

Cutters Landing presents a distinctive fusion of exclusivity, profitability, and convenience. Its prime riverfront location, strong relationships with the bodies corporate, and significant potential for income make it a rare and highly valuable opportunity within the management rights market.

  • Substantial net profit of $440,992 with significant body corporate salary of $363,791
  • Secure investment with brand new 10-year agreements and a positive relationship with the bodies corporate
  • Flexibility with no requirement to reside onsite or own a lot
  • High yield and exclusive letting pool offering strong commissions and significant growth potential
  • Profit and loss realistically calculated by industry specialist accountant, Archer Gowland
  • Beautifully manicured gardens, partially maintained by the bodies corporate
  • Inclusive of a spacious, functional office for exclusive use
  • Located in Brisbane's premier riverfront residential complex
  • Inspections are by appointment only

Frank Matus

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