Jason Vogler

Jason Vogler

Broker - SE & SW QLD, NW NSW & New England Region
"“I have built a key contacts’ list and have many prospective buyers who have given me a brief on what type of property they are looking for and in what areas. A quarter of my deals have been sold off market. It is the age old adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. When vendors let me know that they may sell soon, I start looking to match up buyers straight away.” "

The past three years with ResortBrokers has seen Jason rising to become one of the most successful and hard-working accommodation industry specialists in the business, with 26 sales totalling more than $48 million.

Jason covers one of the biggest zones in Australia and he’s responsible for motels and caravan parks in south-west Queensland and northern NSW and, in the time that he’s been with ResortBrokers he’s established himself as one of the most trusted professionals with operators in both states.

 He earned his stripes in the hospitality business at an early age, working for his parents from age 12 in their first café–restaurant in Inglewood on Queensland’s southern Darling Downs.

All this provided the wherewithal to invest in the accommodation sector. Jason, who has spent more than 13 years as a motel operator, knows the business from the inside and from various stakeholder perspectives.

He has owned and operated three very successful motels, including leasehold business, freehold and freehold passive investment models. And, in the process, he developed a raft of skills to support those roles.

He was head chef in the 50-seat licensed restaurant attached to his leasehold motel. And he undertook extensive renovations, which resulted in major revenue growth. So, to say he is both passionate about and fully conversant with the accommodation game is an understatement.

In his private time, Jason is strongly involved in karate and mixed martial arts, pursuits he says support and develop his strengths: discipline, respect and control.


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